home water damage

After the water stops and you catch your breath and gather your thoughts, the process of recovering from home water damage begins. Reclaiming your home and peace of mind will probably be a major priority for the immediate future. The good news is: Experienced help is available from water damage mitigation experts who’ve been there and done it many times before.

When home water damage suddenly disrupts your daily routine, these professionals have the training and specialized equipment to help you get your life back, ASAP.

Here are some steps to begin the process of recovery from home water damage:

  • Make two important phone calls. First, inform your homeowners insurance agent. Then contact a reputable home water damage recovery company. Your insurance agent may suggest some local options. Look for a Round Rock TX Water Damage Company certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion: wear gloves and waterproof shoes. Boots are even better if you have them.
  • Be safety-conscious. Stay out of rooms where standing water is present until electricity is turned off at the main electrical panel. Saturated building materials may collapse without warning. Be aware of danger signs like a soaked, sagging ceiling or wet bulging drywall.
  • If home water damage is the result of a sewage backup, stay out of any affected areas of the house. Sewage is highly toxic and direct contact or even breathing the air may be hazardous. Wait for a professional water damage recovery service for further advice.
  • Once electrical hazards are eliminated and it’s safe to do so, remove as much water from the house as possible. Mop up water and/or use a broom to push pooling water outside through an exterior door. If you have a wet/dry vacuum and the use of electricity is safe, that’s another good option.
  • Open doors and windows to allow fresh air inside. Run fans continuously to keep air moving.
  • Take photographs of all damaged areas which can be safely accessed now, before professional recovery work begins.
  • Start compiling a written list of all valuables contacted by water.

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