water damage triage

Water damage triage is the organized process of reversing damage caused by water and restoring a secure, healthy indoor environment to your home as rapidly as possible. Water damage often occurs out of the blue. Faced with snap decisions about what needs to be done first, a homeowner’s understandable response might well be, “Everything!”

water damage restoration

Water damage restoration is one part of the process of remediating the effects of water on your home. While water damage typically appears to occur as a single incident, two distinct phases are involved in returning your house to a restored and healthy living environment.

First, Mitigate

Water damage mitigation is always performed first.

rental home flooding

Rental home flooding can be just as alarming and damaging as significant water damage in a property you own. However, while water damage issues can affect renters and homeowners, alike—who’s responsible and how the incident is handled may differ. In addition, while state laws are broadly similar with regard to rental home flooding, some states may apply different regulations.

sagging floors

Sagging floors are usually a visible sign of deteriorated structure somewhere below. In many cases, the factor causing this deterioration is water damage originating from above—such as severe indoor flooding— inside the crawl space. Chronic moisture in basements may also affect floor structure. Two components of the floor may be affected by sagging:


These are the wide wooden panels that lie directly below your flooring.

after a flood

If flooding strikes your home, you have a lot to think about and deal with after the water stops. One of the things that should be a top priority, however, is safety. Every year, people who survive an initial flood event are injured or sometimes killed by hazards present in the aftermath. To help reduce those statistics, here are seven post-flood safety tips to keep in mind

  • Don’t go home until it’s safe.

water damage to siding

The main function of siding is to prevent water damage, yet the siding itself is often a victim of water-related issues. Whatever type of siding may be installed on a home—vinyl or wood are most common—the exterior wall structure underneath the siding is usually made of plywood or another wood product, oriented strand board (OSB).

wet insulation

Wet insulation can occur from a number of different sources, mainly depending on the location of the insulation. If it’s installed in the attic, roof leaks are the usual suspect when insulation becomes wet. Wet insulation inside walls, however, may result from leaky plumbing pipes routed through walls or outdoor flooding that has entered the structure.

On Feb 1, 2021, Rytech arrived to find the insured had a leak due to a faulty water supply line connected to a bidet in the property above them. The water damage extended into 10 different rooms of the homeowner, impacting approximately 935 SF. Rytech worked quickly to clean up all water damage throughout the home and investigated for Mold in each room. After extensive clean up and dry out, it was determined that all rooms were free and clear of mold.

A recent clients bath tub was fitted improperly by Bath Fitters. The improper installation caused on on-going leak from the shower pan. The tub was replaced but the shower pan was not, causing a major mold remediation effort in this home. To fix the mold problem, the baseboards, tub, shower and all drywall needed to be removed from the bathroom. While Bath Fitters fought with Farm Bureau about ‘who was at fault’, Ryech got to work – safely getting rid of all of the mold caused by this botched installation! Farm Bureau went ahead and approved Rytech’s estimate and work.

On Feb 10, 2021, our client explained to Rytech hat he was hearing water in the back area of his home where his guest bedrooms are located. He told us that he noticed his floors were buckling and he could hear running water. The customer said he called a plumber immediately who found the leak in the wall inside of the guest bedroom closet. The leak was quickly fixed, but our technicians found moisture in the drywall and the laminate flooring inside of the guest bedroom and second bedroom closet.