eneregy efficient house

As reported by the international energy statistics database, Residential electricity demand is expected to increase by 115% in the next 24 years.

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance, especially in homes with infants and children whose lungs are still growing and developing. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says that the concentrations of some pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

This is a difficult time, one in which we all have to follow guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe, as the COVID-19 quarantine has us all marooned at home looking for something to do other than watch television.

Fires are devastating. No one wants to see their home in flames, but it happens. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 354,400 home structure fires per year […] and $6.9 billion in direct property damage.”

Not only can fires result in catastrophic damage, but even small fires result in significant damage. Fire damageHutto TX Water Restorationinvolves much more than a simple cleanup.

water damage restoration - how fast water causes damage in your home

Water damage can cause structural damage and mold growth, both of which are dangerous to the residents living in the property.

Water damage is known to be the most common form of property damage due to the various ways that it can occur. One way your property can sustain damage is from flooding.

With summer on the way, it means tourists are headed to the Hutto TX area to have some fun in the sun and take advantage of the many water activities in the area. While Hutto TX Bestex Water Damage Solutions providesmold remediation in Hutto TX residents seek and the water restorationresidents need, they are based in Hutto TX, and their employees spend their days enjoying the plethora of water activities available.

What to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company?

Business managers researching prospective commercial cleaning services have plenty of options.

Most people assume the bathroom is the dirtiest place in their home. Folks will be surprised to learn that it is the kitchen that holds the greatest number of germs. Focus cleaning and disinfecting not only in the kitchen and bathroom, but in several specific areas of the home.