Whether it’s rain in Germany or China, Hurricane Henri in Northeast U.S., or wildfires across Greece and Turkey, climate change is something that you should definitely be aware of and something that basically nowhere in the world can escape from.

With scientists warning of irreversible change, it’s worth knowing if you are living in a part of the county under particular risk and if the effects could destroy your home in the process. Thankfully for you, this guide has been created to lay out the five sections of the USA that could be at risk of the worst effects of climate change and thereby could result in restoration work being required numerous times on your home.


It probably comes as no surprise that California is on this list. Every year, vast sections of the state go up in flames as the forests are set alight. For people living in these areas, this means living in an area where their house is at very real risk of being burned down. If you live in a section of California that is inland, you should definitely be thinking about putting measures in place that help your house to fight back against fire damage.


Hurricane Harvey was a devastating hurricane that caused catastrophic flooding


As Texas is a particularly hot and arid state, it is a rather large risk of extreme heat in the summer, with temperatures easily going over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This can lead to extended wildfires throughout the summer season. Additionally, there is likely to be an increased likelihood of hurricanes — like the devastating Hurricane Harvey — meaning that Texans have to be prepared for both extremes.

Meanwhile, the winter is not much better. Storms can plague this state, too, meaning that this is not the ideal place to live for everyone. If you hadn’t considered the weather before moving to your home and regret your decision and no longer want to constantly worry about your home, car, and possessions, moving on is often the best thing to do. You can organize movers online that will handle everything you need, including car shipping – easily collect quotes from moving companies in minutes and be on your way to a new state that is at less risk.

South Carolina

Due to its near 200 miles of coastline, South Carolina is particularly susceptible to the negative effects of wet weather, whether it’s flooding, hurricanes, or a combination of both. As a result, homeowners in this state should get their homes waterproofed properly in order to make sure that they don’t get flooded unnecessarily. If you live in this area, it might be worth auditing your house to make sure that everything is up to date.


When people talk about Louisiana, the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina are never too far from the mind. The likelihood of the state being susceptible to hurricanes is only likely to increase as climate change plays further havoc with the earth’s atmosphere. Additionally, as a southern state, Louisiana is also rather vulnerable to increased temperatures.


Florida, essentially one large peninsula, is the state most at risk of climate change in the country. Experts actually predict that up to one-third of Florida might even be underwater by the end of the century. Additionally, it is often the first impact point when it comes to tropical storms originating in the Caribbean as well as a southern state that is going to be unpleasantly hot in the years to come.


These are by no means the only states in the U.S. that are vulnerable to climate change. Oregon, Georgia, and New York are likely to suffer similar amounts of damage in the future; nonetheless, if you live in these areas, it’s definitely worth putting extra measures in place to protect your home or consider living in a different state altogether.