Solar power is on the rise. Solar energy is dominating the market, and it is taking on charts by storm as one of the best alternate power sources today. You can find it in many products today – spacecraft, chargers, batteries, panels, and so on.

However, with every positive aspect comes a negative one. Like other sources of power, one of the main concerns of solar power is preventing or abating fire. Every consumer thinks about safety, and we can’t argue with them if they ask such a question. In this guide, we will see if solar power has what it takes to prevent catching fire.

Things are about to heat up, so we better start.

Solar Power? What Is That?

Solar power or solar energy is a form of alternative power. We can collect or harness such energy from one of the most irreplaceable and reliable sources, the sun. With the sun being solar power’s energy source, we can then take it easy since we know that we won’t lose or deplete solar power anytime soon.

We can convert this energy so that we can use it for numerous purposes. A recent study shows that solar power has been responsible for producing a tenth of the world’s current energy. That is less energy spent on our end and one less burden for Mother Nature.

Solar Power Equipment And Items

solar panels

Image by Dave Dugdale from Creative Commons

If you think that solar power usage happens only with solar panel systems, you are mistaken. There are actually numerous items, appliances, and equipment that make use of solar power. Here are some of them below.

  • Solar lights
  • Solar cookers
  • Security equipment and lights
  • Portable solar generators
  • Flashlights and lanterns
  • Solar powered security cameras
  • Solar grills
  • Motion sensors
  • Portable solar chargers
  • Pest and vermin repellents
  • Tents
  • Other camping gear
  • Panel kits

Is There A Fire Risk For Solar Panels?

Solar panels actually pose little to no fire risk at all. In an estimated 10,000 cases, only 1 involves a solar panel fire incident. However, this does not mean those fire incidents won’t happen. There is still a chance that your solar power device can catch fire. In the event that this does happen, it can be ruled that the cause is an equipment malfunction.

Damaged wiring can cause electric arcs, which is responsible for most electricity-related fire incidents. This is mainly because electric arcs ignite the encapsulant layers around a solar cell located in a solar panel. The same can happen to the back sheet of a panel.

Unfortunately, both of these materials are made of plastic. To cut things short, a solar power appliance can only catch fire when one of or both of the following happens:

  • The solar panels or other solar power devices in your setting have undergone improper installation or setup.
  • Defective wiring connections are present.
  • Malfunctioning junction boxes and sensors.
solar panels

Image by Living Off Grid from Creative Commons

How About Hot Areas?

While solar panels can indeed overheat, there is a type of technology that works to make sure it does not happen at all. Most of the equipment can withstand severely hot temperatures. An expert can assist in making this happen by taking necessary precautions once the installation begins.

Answering The Main Question If Solar Power Does Help Repel Or Prevent Catching Fire

The answer to this inquiry is a hundred percent yes.

Solar power devices and equipment can assist in making your setting safer from any kind of fire-related accidents.

In addition, such equipment and items have a state-of-the-art and fool-proof design that makes them secure and much safer to use. So, rest assured that the panels and solar power gadgets you have at home or in the office shouldn’t malfunction and cause a fire anytime soon.

Other Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy does more than reduce the risks of a fire incident. Listed below are some of the benefits of using solar power. Read on to find out more:

  • Solar power is possibly the greenest form of energy on the planet; that means there are less pollutants, and it does not harm the environment at all. So, you can bet that solar energy does not pollute the land, air, or sea. This type of power source does not emit any harmful greenhouse gasses and most solar power items use recycled materials.
  • Solar energy creates hundreds of thousands of jobs for many individuals around the globe.
  • You can reduce your electricity charges once you convert to solar power.
  • You can become independent from electric companies. This benefit allows you to manage your electricity without the interference of outside entities and companies.
  • Solar power lets you have electricity all day. You don’t have to worry about your gadgets and appliances running out of power. You will still get solar power even on rainy and cloudy days.
  • The solar power scene is expanding and thriving. New technology paves the way for more efficient and safe solar products and items.
  • Solar power can – and is – slowing down the process of global warming. This benefit is the second most important advantage of solar power.

What You Can Do

Although the fire hazard is low, you can still do a couple of things to make sure you are on the safe side. Read on to find out more.

  • Installing solar power devices is a professional worker’s job. Don’t get any installation done without the assistance of a certified expert.
  • Double-check the qualifications of a solar contractor if you decide to work with one. Do the same for any solar installer you may opt to hire.
  • You can find quotes from pre-screened workers and professional solar contracting companies online to save some money.
  • Set a maintenance date for your solar power items. It is a decent practice to check on them now and then to guarantee their efficiency and safety. If you find that a part seems damaged or broken, contact the appropriate personnel.

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The Bottom Line

Solar power items and equipment are guaranteed safe to use and solar power can prevent fires from happening. All that it takes is a proper setup or installation, and you are good to go.