Just like the temperature changes according to the time of the year, our ways of interacting with the landscape and others also change considerably with the shift in climate. People are more social while out on the street on a warm summer day than on a cold winter day.

This wonderful process doesn’t limit itself to landscape and friendliness; it affects in varying degrees many elements and objects in someone’s life. Having a place of your own and being able to make changes to it, so it gets more comfortable to live according to the characteristics of each season, is one of the most exciting endeavors a person can have.

Check for remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom restoration and remodeling will allow you to create the look you’ve always wanted for your bathing space.

The spring season is a great time to take on a remodeling project. An excellent way to bring the spring spirit back into your house is to change the floor tiles to a pastel color (if you want to match the season characteristics), or a warmer color (if you want to focus more on coziness). Think about spaces that are important in your home, places where you spend most of the time. A bathroom, for example, whether you enjoy taking long bubble baths, give concerts in the shower, or take your time while scrolling through social media on the toilet, is without a shadow of a doubt a great place to start a remodel.

What if you need to renovate?

The process of remodeling some parts of the house can be tricky, especially for someone who might be doing it for the first time. The possibility of having to face a cracked tile, broken water pipes, or accidentally damaging your heating isolation without noticing can be discouraging. But furthermore, what if the house has broken items that need to be renovated?

You don’t have to worry about finding these types of issues because there’s always the possibility of appointing these worries to a professional remodeling company. These companies will give you advice on where to start and where to focus, but make sure to check your budget and keep notes of your priorities and plans.

Besides remodeling, there is also a different array of tips and tricks you can use to make your home go swiftly from winter to spring days.

Give it some thought

Home-Exterior-Garden-FlowersThe meaning of spring may differ depending on the perception of each person, so the main question you have to ask yourself is, what do I value in spring and how can I implement it into my in-house dynamics? Let’s say you enjoy the blooming trees and the green colors of nature in spring, you could set up different decorations related to it, such as adding flowers and plants in your garden or getting inside plants.

The answer is hidden in plain sight:

It may seem obvious, but the best and easiest way to make your home transition from winter to spring is to change small things within your usual decoration. This will give a different aesthetic and sensitive appeal to your place. Psychologists and artists alike have long talked about the importance and relationship between colors and emotion. Blue and cold colors tend to lead towards reflection and separate you from the object, warmer colors like yellow will lead you into action and take you closer to the object. Consider this while making changes.

Good spring cleaning

Before you start decorating the house with the spring feeling, you should do some deep spring cleaning. A good cleaning will reset almost everything in your house. It would be helpful to make a plan, whether you decide to do it room-by-room or the whole-house, it’s better to keep a list of things to do. Vacuum the floor and the furniture and dust off the shelves and tables. Clean the window, mirrors, ceiling fans, doors, cabinets, closets, carpets, and other areas around the house. Put winter items in storage. By the time you finish cleaning, your house will feel fresh and vibrant.

Bright colored curtains

If you had dark curtains during winter, then you can change them to brighter curtains. Once winter is over, bright colors can welcome the new season and make the home feel happy and clean. You can match your bedroom sheets and pillows with the new curtains. You can also replace your bathtub curtain and bathroom towels with some that have a lighter color or floral design.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers put in a vase can be a good addition to the kitchen. The flowers can be placed by the sink or near a window. The arrival of spring means more sunlight, so you can put any houseplants near the windows where you see fit. If live plants seem like too much a struggle, you can always choose some fake flowers. Flowers can be added to the stairs or around corners of your living room as well. You can also start adding bright color soap or fresheners around the kitchen.


Extra decor

Polished marble is symbolic of luxury.

A polished marble mantelpiece adds grandeur to your home decor.

Spring symbolizes a fresh start. Remodeling the walls is a good idea to breathe new life into your home. Installing new wallpaper with brighter designs and greenery can help create the spring atmosphere. You can put paintings on the wall too, such as landscape paintings with a pretty country view or riverside banks and mosses on the side.

You can always check for DIY projects that can help you personalize your rooms and your house during spring. No matter what style you want, there are various tutorial videos on YouTube or other platforms that can inspire you in adding some cheery spring colors and tone.

Turn your house into a vacation rental

When spring comes around, perhaps you should start thinking of investing in your property, especially if you have rooms or spaces that you don’t use. Your can make your home a vacation rental property and make some money as it can be a profitable business. But of course, the house will not manage itself, that’s why you will have make management plans and come up with a strategy on how to market it and attract guests. So, before you decide to turn your house into a vacation rental property, consider the rental regulations, research the audience, and the market that you want to be part of.

Final thoughts

Transitioning your home for the spring can be challenging but remember, you can always call for professional help and services. You can have a plan prepared beforehand and, most importantly, have fun while doing the decorations! With the weather warming up, decorating the house can become a fun activity. You can also consider entering the rental business. If you make your house into a vacation rental, you can profit from this new flourishing business.