When it comes to home upgrades, most people think about adding a fresh coat of paint in the living room and not about ramping up their home security. Even in the safest of neighborhoods, the worst could happen.

Home security should be as high a priority as installing a new shower head.

If you’re ready to improve your home’s security, look no further. Here are a few simple ways to better secure your home, to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

Create a Safe Space

In the event of an emergency, it’s important to have a reliable and safe place to go. It isn’t always possible to leave the house when there is a potential intruder. By creating a safe room with a vault door inside of your home, you can guarantee your family’s protection in danger.

A safe room does more than just provide a safe place for your family. Important documents, weapons, jewelry, and family heirlooms can be safely stored inside, too. Home invaders will be unable to access priceless or dangerous items, and your valuable belongings are sure to stay secure.

Reinforce Doors and Windows

windows air leaksIf the doors and windows on your home are original, you may be due for an upgrade — especially when increasing your home’s security. A compromised point of entry can grant access to even the least clever of intruders. Check the handles, hinges and frames of all windows and doors, making repairs or replacements if necessary.

If replacing the doors and windows aren’t in your budget, do what’s needed to enhance their protection. Adding window sensors and keyless entry locks make it harder for home invaders trying to break in. Even adding a decoy home security sticker can deter potential intruders.

Install a Security System

Gone are the days where a home security system would break the bank. There are more options for security systems than ever, and effective systems are available at every price point. Even installing a video doorbell or smart home components with audible alerts can go a long way in securing your home.

Some home security systems require professional installation, while others can be installed on your own. Whatever method you choose, do your research on the most prevalent types of crime in your area, and make sure your security system is properly installed and regularly maintained.

Use Security Lighting

Surprisingly, security spotlights are incredibly effective at deterring intruders, especially when installed strategically. Most intruders will enter from the back or side of your home rather than the front in order to maintain obscurity. A sudden, bright light shining on someone trying to break in can send someone running in the opposite direction.

In addition to security lighting, consider running your outdoor lighting on a timer to keep your property illuminated when it gets dark. If you’re worried about the extra lighting stealing needless energy, connect outdoor lighting to solar power.

Consider Digital Security

smart homeHome intruders don’t always get in through entry points. Sometimes they enter your space without even stepping foot inside. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and many people don’t properly safeguard their wifi networks, personal computers and cloud storage to keep hackers out. A breach of any of your sensitive personal information could be disastrous.

If you use smart home appliances, an intruder could hack into these devices and gain access to important information about you and your home. Secure your routers and enable encryption on your networks to add digital safety barriers. Update all of your passwords to make them more secure, and regularly run firewalls and antivirus software to make sure your digital security will not be or has not already been compromised.

Invest in a Safe

Today’s safes are far more than the metal boxes with dials and codes that are in the movies. Home safes are more secure than they have ever been with new, impressive technology that makes them nearly impenetrable. Modern safes often feature alarms, multiple doors, and backup locks in case a trespasser tries to break in.

Most safes are also built to withstand the elements, so in the event of a fire or natural disaster, they’ll likely hold up and survive, with the precious contents inside left undisturbed. Strong safes are invulnerable to impact or attempts to pry them open. When it comes to sheltering valuables, just make sure your safe is tucked in a secure location or bolted down to prevent thieves from running off with them.

If you haven’t taken measures to secure your home this year, now is the time to start. It doesn’t take an expensive home security system to keep you and your family safe. By heeding these valuable tips, you can effectively safeguard your home from any potential danger, providing peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy all the laid back aspects of life at home.