Cleaning and tidying your home will provide you with the comfort you need.

Cleaning is a necessary task to keep a healthy home, but most homeowners don’t look forward to doing this task.

Not only does it take quite a bit of effort, but it also requires a massive chunk of time. But if you apply several clever tricks, you can speed up the cleaning process. To get you started, here are nine clever tricks that will give you faster cleaning time:

Create a System

Some people need a system stay on track with their cleaning tasks. Having such an approach eliminates the guesswork and idle moments when you’re cleaning your entire home. For instance, Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Hutto always tells their clients that the best way to clean faster is by being more formulaic about it.

For example, if you find that you’re better at cleaning your home a little bit each day, versus cleaning everything at once in a single day, you should stick to that cleaning system. So finding a cleaning system that works for you will help quicken your cleaning time.

You may also want to decide ahead of time which room you will begin with when cleaning. Maybe you prefer getting the more challenging cleaning tasks out of the way, ending with the simpler ones. Either way, by finding out what works best for you, you will help create a cleaning system that allows you to finish your tasks more quickly.

Pick Up Clutter

Cluttering restricts your house cleaning effectiveness and productivity.

Before you do any cleaning, you should start by picking up clutter throughout the house. This is especially important if the home you’re cleaning is owned by a hoarder.

Companies that offer hoarding cleaning services can vouch that no cleaning can be done until clutter is picked up, moved out of the way, and space is made way to clean.

Likewise, when you’re cleaning a room, if you don’t first pick up the clutter, you’re going to find yourself cleaning more than you had originally intended. Therefore, you should start your room cleaning endeavor by first picking up clutter.

Once you clear your room of the trash and clutter, you can now begin cleaning, and you won’t have obstacles in your way.

Clean From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

This may sound a little more like “wax on, wax off” and “paint the fence”. But if you start cleaning your floors before you dust your ceilings, or the dust on top of your shelves, the dust will fall on your already clean floor, and you will have to clean it all over again. Therefore, it would be best if you always started cleaning a room from the top to the bottom.

You should also clean your room from the farthest area from the door to the ones nearest the door. This will keep you from tracking dirt all over the place. Start with the ceiling, the lights, and the ceiling fan. Clean your top shelves and your blinds. Once you finish in this manner, you can move on to lower shelves.

Bring Your Cleaning Tools in a “Caddy”

Cleaning-ProductsInstead of having to go back and forth between rooms to get your cleaning tools and solutions, you will find your house cleaning more productive if you get yourself a caddy.

Having a caddy to store all the cleaning tools and products that you will need is very convenient. You won’t have to go back and forth, spreading dirt around your home to get your cleaning items.

Aside from a caddy, you can also invest in some form of carpenter’s tool belt to hold your spray bottles and other cleaning tools. Simple DIY examples might be a loosened belt or rope around your waist to hang them on from the trigger.

Such carrying aids will help keep things organized, and you’ll have all your cleaning tools within arm’s reach at all times.

Clean the Shower While You’re In It

For some people, cleaning down the shower is a task that they don’t look forward to doing. If you think the same, you should make it more convenient to clean your shower. One way to do this is by keeping your shower cleaning products and items accessible when you’re actually using the shower.

While showering, for instance, you could scrub down your shower — walls, edges, tile, glass, and floor (or bottom). It’s easy, convenient, and if everybody else in your house does it, it will make the cleaning task more consistent.

Multi-task Chores

Overlooking-Robot-VacuumsMultitasking allows you to give more time to doing other cleaning tasks while something else is going on. For instance, you can run the dishwasher while cleaning the kitchen countertops and sink(s).

Another thing you can run automatically is the vacuum if you have a robot vacuum. It can clean your floors while you do another cleaning task. Multi-tasking chores is very convenient, and could speed up your cleaning time significantly. Of course, make sure that you check up on the cleaning tasks that you automated.

Use a Vacuum for the Floors

Vacuuming the carpet is usually a given, but did you know that you can also vacuum most floors? Vacuums are convenient cleaning tools that get rid of a lot of dirt. Also, vacuums don’t just clean your carpets; some vacuums have a floor-cleaning attachment. This will not only allow you to clean your floors all in one swoop, but it is also much easier than using a broom and dustpan.

Multi-purpose tools that you can use for every floor is also useful and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Focus on Your Cleaning Chores

You may have seen people in movies or on TV cleaning while listening to loud music in large headphones. Though this will help the time fly by for them, it’s not always very efficient when it comes to actually cleaning. Being distracted from the actual work may cause you to miss areas that need more special attention. Therefore, you should avoid any distractions that may keep you from cleaning thoroughly and effectively.

Make cleaning a group effort

Make house cleaning a group effort to speed things up and get the job done better.

If more than one person is living in a home, then only one person should not be responsible for cleaning the whole house. Divide up the cleaning efforts. This will not only take the burden off the one person, but will also decrease the time it takes to finish cleaning the house.

Since everybody is using the house, it’s everybody’s responsibility to keep it in tip-top shape. They may even appreciate it more if they had something to do with cleaning it.

Over to You

Once you apply these clever tricks to your house cleaning process, you’ll find that cleaning doesn’t take as long as it used to. It’s all about saving your energy and being smarter with how you use your time and energy.

Try these out next time you need to start cleaning your house. You’ll not only feel the difference yourself, but you’ll have more time to enjoy living in a clean home.