Roofs are the most critical part of a building, whether it’s a residential place, an office, or a factory. The roof protects the interior from the outside environment, including rain, hail, sandstorms, fierce wind, UV rays, etc.

However, while protecting your home or building, the roof deteriorates over time and requires maintenance. In cities that are prone to harsh weather conditions, the roofs deteriorate fast. Hence, people in those cities are required to pay more attention to their roofs.

Roof Protection in Dallas, TXMetal Roof on Commercial Building

Dallas is one such city where the weather is unpredictable and harsh. Dallas faces extreme weather conditions all year around. Summers throw scorching heat, winters are fierce, rains are heavy, and hail, well, hail also shows no mercy on Dallas.

Dallas is one of the cities that receives a lot of hail throughout the year. It leads to severe damage to people’s properties, including homes, buildings, and cars.

The hail fall reports for the past eight years indicate that there have been 41 hail reports near Dallas since 2012. In 2020, 1 hail report has already come up.

In 2019, Texas was the state with the highest number of hail loss insurance claims, Colorado stood second, and Nebraska, Kansas, and Minnesota followed.

The following table shows the list of top 10 states ranked by the number of hail loss claims between 2017 and 19.

10North Carolina58,342

Damage Caused to a Roof by Extreme Weather Conditions

Hail Damage

Hail damage occurs when pieces of ice fall from the sky on to the ground and hit houses, cars, light posts, and other installations. The most common forms of destruction that occur as a result of a hailstorm to your home or office include damaged windows and roofs.

In severe hail, the roof can get damaged and cracks begin to appear in them. In that case, the roof poses a great danger to the safety of the residents. Hence, quick repairs are required after the storm has passed.

Rain DamageHail-Damage-Metal-Roof

In the case of rain, the protective layer of the roof is damaged, and it results in water seepage. Moreover, damage to the roof in rainy weather puts the structural integrity of the building in peril. The rainwater, when accumulated, can also cause the roof to crumble.

Sandstorm Damage

Sandstorms can cause similar damage to the roof of your house, office, warehouse, or factory. Additionally, during a sandstorm, it is not just sand that hits your roof; sometimes, rocks also accompany the sand.

The sand itself cannot cause severe damage to your roof, but combined with rocks, it can inflict serious harm to it.

Fierce and fast winds can also damage your roof. The wind can pull the roof out from its place, leading to patches of your roof coming out from different spots, especially from edges. It might not seem to be a big issue, but if left unchecked for a long time, it can cause cracks in the roof.

All-Weather Roofing Solutions

The roof is the most important part of a house, and any damage to it cannot be neglected for a long time. Extreme weather conditions like hail, rainfall, and strong wind can immensely damage the structure of a roof and make it weak and vulnerable.

A damaged roof can start falling even after the slightest of rain. After the roof is damaged, there are a few options that people can adopt to get them fixed and make sure that they are strong enough for the next bout of harsh weather.

Some roofing solutions that ensure protection in all kinds of weather are listed below, and consumers can choose one according to their preference.

Commercial Metal RoofingMetal-Eco-Friendly-Commercial-Roof

For commercial roofing, metal roofing is one of the most preferred options. Metal roofing is as strong as it comes. You would not even have to worry about raining rocks, let alone rain, wind, sandstorms, or hailstorm.

The metal roofing is designed to survive harsh weather conditions, be it extreme rainfall or scorching heat of the sun. Hence, it is one of the ideal roofing solutions for buildings and other installations in cities that face unpredictable weather conditions.

Moreover, many commercial and residential buildings have cooling and heating systems installed. These systems work at their highest efficiencies when a metal roof is installed.

The reason being that the metal cools quickly as well as heats rapidly, and hence, it is more effective in preserving a particular environment. Moreover, metal roofing is non-combustible and fire-resistant.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing

If you want to get a long-term respite from all your roofing worries, then you should get Thermoplastic polyolefin roofing or TPO roofing for your home, shop, or office building.

TPO roofing is one of the most affordable roofing options, and costs a lot less than PVC, EDPM, and several other single-ply roofing options.

TPO is also very useful in keeping debris, bacteria, and dirt out of your house. It is two to three times stronger than hot tar roofing and lasts longer than most of the other roofing materials.

TPO roofing helps to keep the room temperature lower in summer seasons by reflecting UV rays from the roof, and hence, allows you to save a lot of money on electricity bills.

Modified Bitumen RoofingModified-Bitumen-Roof-Installation

Modified Bitumen Roofing is an asphalt-based roof developed for flat roof structures. Bitumen gives a rubber-like property to the roof, which helps it to expand and contract without causing any damage to the surface of the roof.

Due to its high-tensile strength, modified bitumen is used for hail roofing in Dallas and other areas that witness a lot of hail storms throughout the year. The multi-ply modified bitumen roof has an exceptional sturdiness that is unmatched to any other type of roofing.

Adding to this, it is very cost-efficient as its installation costs a lot less than other types of roofing. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and does not require frequent repairs or maintenance.

Final Word

There are many options available in the market when it comes to roofing. However, the roofing solutions mentioned in this blog are the most cost-effective ones and provide relief in all kinds of weather. If your roof needs maintenance or repairs for damage caused by extreme weather, make sure you contact a  right away.